Online Advertising

Online Advertising gives you the ability to connect with your customers in all areas online.

Online Advertising gives you the ability to connect with your customers in all areas online.

It is an opportunity to show your website at the top of the search results so that your business is the first thing that they see. You are even able to show ads on related websites so that they can click to yours and hopefully become a customer. Online advertising allows you to target who sees your ad, which can range from demographics to interests.

Online advertising differs from traditional advertising because you are able to track how well it’s doing and make improvements while the ad is running. If you buy a billboard or even a commercial on tv, it’s incredibly difficult to determine the success of that advertisement. Also, with traditional advertising there may not be accurate ways to track views and engagements, like there are with digital ads.

With online advertising you are also able to retarget the same person over multiple platforms to ensure that your brand or service stays on their mind until they buy your product.

Online advertising gives you an edge over your competitors. When someone searches online, they rarely go past the first page of results.  While SEO can help you organically get to that first page, search advertising can help you get there faster. Your business could be the first thing that pops up for them. Nearly everyone has researched or purchased online when they are looking for a product or service. Online advertising is a great way to help you reach customers, whether it’s in the search results or anywhere else we want your ad to show up.

What We Do

Online Advertising can be a very complicated process, between developing the ad content, targeting the correct audience and knowing how big of a budget to set. A lot can go wrong.

This is where we come in. Being a Certified Google Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional, along with years of agency experience, we have the knowledge to correctly set up your ads and the know-how to make them work.  


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising differs from other types of online advertising, because it allows the viewer to interact with the ads, by liking, commenting, tagging friends, and even messaging. Social media ads can guide viewers back to the profile, which increases number of followers, or it can link to your website, both of which can convert to sales.

Types of Online Advertising

Search Ads

Search ads are the types of ads you use to get your website to the top of the results when someone searches for something related to your business.

Display Ads

These are ads that can appear to the side of a search result or within a website. They generally involve images or graphics and other information.

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