About Us

We are Mariah Martz and Jacob Hall and we are the creators of Wild Rock Creative.

We are designers, marketers, creatives, motivators, and consultants.

We met while attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock through a scholarship program, while both studying marketing, Mariah with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Jacob with Information Technologies. During and after college, we both gained experience working in agencies, but after leaving pursued freelance careers. We soon discovered that there was a niche of central Arkansas that was often overlooked- the small businesses.

In many cases, they could not afford to hire an agency, and even when they could, the agencies tended to focus on bigger clients.

This is where Wild Rock Creative is different.

We are here to help small businesses make the most out of their marketing budgets so that it can stretch. This allows us to focus on specific marketing improvements, but also their overall marketing strategy. We understand that every day, the world is becoming more and more digital-focused; we don’t think any business should be left behind.

Based on your budget, we can take on your marketing or provide you with the insight and support to do it on your own. We do everything possible to keep our costs low to ensure that the savings go directly to our clients. We prioritize by what will have the biggest impact on your sales to ensure that our clients are not spending money or time on something that isn’t really working or relevant to their business. Our goal is to make sure every client is better off after meeting with us.

We are up-front and tell you what you need- we call it honest marketing.

Mariah Martz

Artist, Adventurer, Dog-mom
From: Sherwood, AR
College: Marketing & Graphic Design
Favorite Social Platform: Instagram
Hobbies: Painting, DIY projects, Petting Dogs
Favorite Travel Spot: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Favorite Food: Ice Cream or Fries

Jacob Hall

Traveler and Adventurer
From: Junction City, AR
College: Marketing & IT
Favorite Social Platform: Snapchat
Hobbies:  Traveling, Cooking, Hiking
Favorite Travel Spot: Cinque Terre, Italy
Favorite Food: Steak

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